It's a great day for a kayak tour!
           Have fun . . relax . . unwind . . discover why so many people
                            have fallen in love with kayaking. . .


1)  Do I need to have any previous kayaking experience to participate in and I PADDLE tour?
All I PADDLE kayak tours are for everyone. Beginners are encouraged and welcome.   If you are concerned, the Esopus Paddle is the easiest and it starts with a Basic Kayak lesson. 

2)  What should I bring and what is provided?

I PADDLE tours includes all necessary paddling equipment including kayak, pfd and paddles.  A light snack is also included on the afternoon paddles.
  • What to bring . . .
  • Wear clothes that you don't mind getting a little wet.  Swim suit/board shorts, shirt or easily drying shorts.  No jeans or cotton.
  • Water Shoes or sandals that can be worn in the water.  No flip flops.  Water Chestnuts are sharp and painful!
  • Bring an extra change of clothes and a towel and keep in the car just in case.
  • Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Camera, binoculars and cell phone in a dry bag.
  • Beverage and any  snacks you might like.
  • I always like gum and chapstick as well.

3)   What kind of kayak will we be using? 

We will be using all new Wildnerness Systems Pungo 120 kayaks.  These were chosen for their comfort, large roomy cockpit and stability.  There is also a Wildnerness Systems Pamlico 145 Tandem kayak for those that need a 2 seater.  I think you'll love them!

4)  What if there is bad weather on the day of our trip?

We will not paddle in thunderstorms, high wind or any weather that is dangerous.   We do sometimes paddle in light rain if there is not threat of lightening.  The policy is if thunderstorms threaten, is to try to "wait it out" if radar indicates that it might pass through or dicipate.   Best bet is to come prepared for the weather.    Often it is hard to tell if a tour will cancel early enough to save you the drive.  Plan to come unless you hear from me.  The conditions on the Hudson River are ever changing because of the tides, current and wind direction.    Should conditions not be safe on the Hudson, we will change to an Esopus Tour so that you can still enjoy a good paddle. 

5)  How many people on a trip?

It's important for safety and for a great group experience to keep it small.  We will generally have 5 or 6 on a trip.

6)  Do you offer private tours or special requests?

7) What about children?

Minors must be accompanied by an adult.  You probably know your children well enough to know their limitations.  They should have some experience with being in the water even though they will be wearing a PFD.    Generally speaking 6 or 7  can enjoy a family outing sharing a tandem kayak with a parent and about 11 they can paddle by themselves.  However, every child is different.    It's best to schedule a private family outing to accommodate children so that we can create a trip that suits their interests and abilities and have lots of family fun! 

For the sunset tours there is a minimum age of 16 years in order to participate.

8)  Can we bring alcohol?

Nope.  Can't.  Sorry.    I Paddle New York also reserves the right to refuse service to any paddler deemed incapable of paddling should they arrive already intoxicated.  Safety first!

9) Will I need money on the tour?

 If you plan to charge your tour, you should bring your card that you wish to use.  I charge for the trip when you get here.  For the Afternoon Fun Tour on Sundays.  If we are able to stop at the Lighthouse and you would like to go in, there is a fee.  There are also t-shirts to purchase there if you like.

10)  Will I get wet?   Will I tip over?
You may not even get your feet wet and it is unusual to tip over.  If you do tip over,  it will only take a few minutes to get you back in your boat and back to enjoying your paddle.  You will be wearing PFD which will make you float almost effortlessly while you are being instructed on how to get back in your kayak.    Most times we are very close to shore as well.  I will ask about your experience level with swimming and water fun. before we depart.

11)  So how do I find where tours depart and the Saugerties Beach?
GPS address for many tours is  2 Ferry Street, Saugerties NY
GPS address for Tina Chorvas Park is 75 East Bridge Street.
GPS address for Saugerties Beach is:  47 SouthPartition Street, Saugerties NY
My rental location by the Saugerties Beach is:  61 South Partition Street, Saugerties NY




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